More than 70 years of Swiss butchers' knowledge, passion and history are packed in every bottle. 

Every bottle of our Butcher’s Bone Broth begins in the same way. We slow roast our bones to enhance flavors building on the natural characteristics which define our final product.  Bones roasted to perfection are paired with Organic vegetables and simmered for 24hrs to yield a full-flavored, rich and decadent broth. Broth is naturally thick thanks to the natural gelatins extracted by our long kettle cooking process.


Organic Beef Broth, Filtered Water and Organic Carrots. 



Chicken Broth, Filtered Water and Organic Carrots. 


Organic Vegetable broth

Filtered Water, *Carrots, *Celery, *Green Cabbage, *Fennel, *Yellow Onion, *Garlic, *Parsley, *Olive Oil and *Tomato. *Organic

About Thomas Odermatt


Born as a third generation Metzgermeister (Master Butcher). Thomas Odermatt literally grew up in his family’s butcher shop just outside Zurich, Metzgerei Odermatt.

As a young boy he quickly inherited the family tradition and passion. Soon after he learned everything there was to know about the skilled art and technique of European butchery Thomas settled in San Francisco and started one of the most famous food trucks in the Bay Area, now almost 15 years old and still growing, RoliRoti Gourmet Rotisserie. Thomas knew that simple product, prepared with care and sourced from farms he trusted to humanely care for their animals and produce, would draw an audience of dedicated fans.

As he pursued his goal to build an environmentally friendly business and a zero-waste business, he developed new retail products. Every new product is tested at our farmers market locations before we bring them to retail, ensuring consumer demand and product-market fit.



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