• Immune Boosting

    Ever wondered why everyone recommends Chicken Soup when you’re sick? Bone broths contain high concentrations of minerals that keep your immunity strong.

  • Joyous for Your Joints

    With all the typing and computer work we do these these days, the glucosamine in bone broth can help keep your joints flexible and pain free.

  • Stronger Bones

    Rich in readily-accessible calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus to help you build a healthy bone bank.

  • Great for Your Gut

    The gelatin in bone broth does wonders for your intestinal tract, sealing up holes, preventing and repairing conditions such as Leaky Gut Syndrome.

  • Spectacular Skin

    Beauty from the inside out! The high amounts of collagen in our bone broths are exactly what leads to radiant skin, hair, and nails.

  • Sound Sleep

    Prevalent in bone broths, several studies have shown the amino acid glycine to contribute to better sleep.


What Do You Mean By “Family Farms You Trust”?

We know our product can only ever be as good as the animals we use, and our family farmers truly care for their livestock. We constantly go the extra mile to seek out produce and bones from family-owned farms with the highest standards for quality and certified animal welfare programs.

· We only use certified organic vegetables for all of our broth.

· We use chickens which are fed 100% vegetarian feed and are never ever raised with antibiotics.

· Our beef bones come from 100% grass-fed and finished cattle.

Why is my bottle of Butcher’s Bone Broth so thick?

Our broth is heavily concentrated thanks to the slow-roasting, our 24 hour simmering process, and our specially European-designed kettles. This long cooking draws out bone-deep minerals, nutrients and protein, like collagen. That collagen binds everything together into natural jiggly gelatin and creates the thick silky texture which we could never find in any of the other packaged broths we tested. Another plus? That gelatin is key to creating the glossy, sticky pan sauces which you can only find in a good restaurant. Just take a look at this article from Serious Eats’ test kitchen!

Why do you bottle your broth in plastic bottles? Are they BPA-Free?

Our bottles are made of completely recyclable, BPA-free plastic. When Thomas grew up in theMetzgerei Odermatt he was taught the value of using every part of the animals his family butchered, and we carry that zero-waste philosophy into all of our products.


As butchers and home cooks we always believe broth should be made and kept fresh, chilled, and ready at hand for whenever you need to bolster a risotto base or add a little extra to your braised veggies. It should be food-safe, easy to use and put away, and it shouldn’t just languish in your pantry. Good broth is fresh, and we kept this first in our thoughts when we explored how to best bottle our broth. Glass mason jars always look beautiful, but there is nothing worse than picking up slick glass shards off the kitchen floor because someone was a little clumsy. We went looking in unconventional places and were happy to find the perfect bottle sitting right upfront in our local supermarket. They’re compact enough to sit on the top shelf of any refrigerator, recyclable, and they don’t break or open if dropped! Perfection.

What are some ways I can use this broth?

Bone broth can be used in so many different ways, but we first and foremost we see our broth as a cooking ingredient. Broth can be used to braise meats and vegetables, as the heart of a creamy risotto, a base for hundreds of soups and stews, or simply to elevate a humble pan sauce to rick, silky liquid gold.

Is your broth certified organic?

Our Concentrated Butcher’s Beef Bone Broth and our 100% Vegan Butcher’s Vegetable Broth are both certified organic products.

Do you use 100% grass-fed beef bones in your Concentrated Butcher’s Beef Bone Broth?

Yes, our beef bone broth is made from 100% grass-fed and finished cattle. This isn’t just because they provide a superior flavor, using 100% grass-fed and finished bones ensures our broth is a gluten-free option for a growing population of home cooks afflicted with celiac disease and hyper sensitivity to wheat and wheat byproducts. Everyone should have the chance to enjoy bone broth in their home kitchen, and this is our small way we can do our part and make bone broth readily accessible to everyone.

The bottle says “concentrated” do I need to dilute?

No dilution necessary. Our Butcher’s Bone Broth is made like homemade and it is extremely rich and nourishing with high levels of protein. Because of this, our broth is USDA inspected and considered a “meat”  and bares the USDA inspection logo – extremely unusual for broth. With the USDA inspection we used the legal definition for our broth which is considered “concentrated” even though it is like homemade.



Born as a third generation Metzgermeister (Master Butcher). Thomas Odermatt literally grew up in his family’s butcher shop just outside Zurich, Metzgerei Odermatt.


As a young boy he quickly inherited the family tradition and passion. Soon after he learned everything there was to know about the skilled art and technique of European butchery Thomas settled in San Francisco and started one of the most famous food trucks in the Bay Area, now almost 15 years old and still growing, RoliRoti Gourmet Rotisserie. Thomas knew that simple product, prepared with care and sourced from farms he trusted to humanely care for their animals and produce, would draw an audience of dedicated fans.


As he pursued his goal to build an environmentally friendly business and a zero-waste business, he developed new retail products. Every new product is tested at our farmers market locations before we bring them to retail, ensuring consumer demand and product-market fit.